Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On Friday the 9th of March we went to the Rocky Shore. The parents from Bradford School came too. We went to Warrington on a bus. It was a long trip. We went to learn. When we went to the Rocky Shore, I found the Topshell. IT WAS FUN! When we went to the rock pools I found a big, big fish. There were crabs too. We had groups for a scavenger hunt which was AWESOME! It was hard too.
There was even a playground and it was the best. We had a big lunch. We even had a choice between a sandcastle competition and another look at the sea creatures after lunch. There was a fake bridge there and rock castles to climb on. I got cut by barnacles. It HURT!!! When I got cut I got fluff on my hands but I had so, so, so much fun.
On the way back I saw a seagull and a cruise chip. At the end we all got a lollipop and I got purple.

By Aden

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