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Welcome to the Room 5 Home Learning Page

We hope you are enjoying the new layout and content of our blog.  This has been developed from feedback we received out our Parent / Teacher Night in week 2.

The children have been looking at different blog layouts from other schools and talked about who our audience is, who uses our blog and for what reasons.  We found out that many of us don't look at the blog again after we have posted our learning up!

As a class we have decided to make it more 'user friendly' and informative.  I have also added some 'learning links' that will entice the children to regularly use the blog.

We hope that you - our parents will find the 'What's On' spot on the home page a useful guide as to what is coming up in our class / at school.  Out assembly times will be posted up on this spot also.


  • 15 minutes (minimum) of reading each day - logged into Diary with a comment from your child  - maybe about the characters / what they enjoyed/didn't like about the book 
  • Tricky words can be recorded onto the 'new vocab' sheet - the children can have a go at what they think the word might mean using the context of the book and then either ask you or look the word up to get the 'expert' meaning.  This is a great way to start to build new vocabulary knowledge.
  • Interactive Basic facts game Each child will bring home a basic facts game to play with you and other family members for the week.  Research shows that home learning is most effective when it tailored to the child's needs and parents are involved in an interactive way.
Please remember that home learning is not to be at all stressful!  if you have lots of other activities on during the week, or your child is just too tired - a simple note in your child's home learning diary to say it was not done that night is fine.

Extra for Experts...
There are many children in Room 5 who are REALLY keen on 'homework' - alias Home Learning.  The spelling site and typing tutorial site on the home page are well worth a look for those children who 'need' a little extra.

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