Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the art gallery trip

Today room 5 went to the art gallery. At the art gallery we learned how to draw shells using dark and light Indian Ink and also black and white crayons. We had to look carefully at where the light and dark bits were on the shells. It was so quiet when everyone was concentrating on their drawing. We also looked at the beautiful art works that are up in the gallery. IT WAS AWESOME!

thank to Julie,Kilie,Stella,Katelyn Nana and Mrs Mitchell Bain
More photos on their way!

From Room 5

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Minutes More Playtime Please...

Jacob sent Mrs Mitchell Bain a video because he wanted to have a longer playtime. We thought that 15 minutes isn't much time to eat and play. So we made a plan with Mrs Mitchell Bain to ring up some other Dunedin schools to ask them how much time they have for morning tea and lunch. We had to think of the good bits of having a longer play and the not so good bits so we could write an e-mail, letter, video and thinking hats to Ms Dillon and share with her what we found out to try and convince her that it is a good idea. We rang 14 different schools and most of them have 20 minutes for morning tea.
Ms Dillon sent us a letter and said that we can have 5 mintes more of play time. But we have to have a monitor for each class room so we can time how long it takes us to come back to class to make sure we have 20 mintues and not 25 minutes.

5 mintes more playtime

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