Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Back to Room 5, Term 2.

Hello parents and caregivers.

Thanks to those parents who are following the blog, it is great to see!

Things that are happening this term...
  • Mini-ball starts this term, please return the form asap
  • Netball has started, the students are practicing hard already
  • Discovery begins week three - if you can provide any assistance with this it would be appreciated. Assistance? Supervising the discovery of learning, providing help with cooking, engine assembly, and the dismantling of stuff - things like that. Interested? email me: greg@bradford.school.nz
  • Have a spare half-hour up your sleeve? I am keen on parent help with writing and reading this term, come and chat about how you could assist
  • Room 5 assembly this Friday
  • Inquiry focus - Kia Kaha, a bullying unit following on from "The Power of One" show last term.
  • Empathy is our value this term - talk about it at home. What does it mean to have empathy in your house?
Greg MacLeod signing off. Term two looks like it is going to be a cracker. Remember, don't be a stranger, look at our post, better still drop in for a visit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diving Board

This is Kian jumping off the diving board, the 3 meter. He was pretending to be a bird that can't fly. All of the people jump off, even Mr MacLeod. He jumped off so Reyana would, but she ended not jumping off. But, the next day she did it! WE ALL HAD FUN.

By Jaidyn.

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