Friday, October 26, 2012


We have been working on our clay tiles with a man called Drew. We have also been making pinch pots. We had to do it in room 1. We had to do it about something that we like about school.  The whole school made them. Some of the classes did tiles for their Whanau groups and we have the the whanau group symbol inside.

By Lorilee

Monday, October 15, 2012


Kia Orana and welcome back to Term 4!  

We have all had exciting holidays with many of us so busy that we told Mrs Knopp we are coming back to school for a break!  Mrs Knopp laughed and said she had news for us with a very busy and creative term coming up. 

Mrs Knopp had a fabulous holiday in Rarotonga and has lots of exciting stories to share with us all.  The Rarotongan people speak Cook Island Maori as their official language - but most people speak English as well.  Cook Island Maori is very similar to NZ much so that you can usually recognise most of what is being said like "Kia Orana" for Rarotonga and "Kia Ora" for Aotearoa NZ.
Mrs Knopp's absolute favourite part was all the cultural singing and dancing.  What she saw will come in handy for our learning this term as we are looking at "How people around the world tell their stories" through legends and art.

This week we are lucky enough to have Andrew Wills in at school as our 'resident artist' of the week.  Drew will have daily sessions with the children helping them create a tiled mosiac for outside our class that represents our place in the school community.  Should be fabulous!

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