Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Bat Cave!

In room5  some people made a cave with bats on the front  some people in our class came up with the idea.  We have changed our class a lot in the last week.  We made plans of how we want our room laid out.  Someone came up with the cave.  
The rules we made up are:
1) Levels 2, 3's and 4's allowed (level 0 & 1 aren't responsible enough)
2) No sillyness
3) Nor ripping stuff
4) Board Games are allowed
5) Drawing is allowed
6) You need to pack up after yourself
7) Please whisper

Our class was excited that the cave was opening. We had a special ceremony.   I asked some people what they thought...
Sarah says "The cave is cool because it is dark."
Shyan says " The bats are cool on the cave."
Katelyn says "The cave entry is cool and crackly."
Mya says "The cave is awesome.  It is so dark that's why it is cool."
Natasha says "The cave has lots of space, the cave is a nice place to hang."
Bethany says "The cave is a nice place."

I think the cave rocks!  

by Bella

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