Monday, February 21, 2011

Focus Groups...

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  We have formed focus groups for action projects about things that matter to us.  We have the POWER to make a difference!  Our first projects are based around last weeks RESPECT value of taking care of our environment.  Each team took a focus area to make a difference to and will continue to look after and develop it over the year.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to the Room 5 Revamped Blog!
This has been a project that was inspired by feedback we received at our Parent / Teacher Night...  

The children and I have been discussing  who our blog is for?  who uses it? and for what reasons?  We found out that many of us don't look at the blog again after we have posted our learning up! Over the last week we've been checking in with a few  blogs from other schools - looking at their layouts and what sort of info is posted up on them.
As a class we have decided to have a change of look and make our blog more 'user friendly' and informative.

The 'look' and layout may change again and new things will be added as we trial out first attempt and reflect on how it looks and how it is going.  

Let us know what you think! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Room 5 2011

On Tuesday we had our photos taken. We printed out our face and we cut it in half. What we did was out of the halves we had to choose what one we wanted to use for drawing. We looked at which side had the most light and dark.Before we did the other half of our face we had to explore with some charcoal to see how it smudges and how we can show the light and the dark.The next step was to get a bit of paper and glue our half face on the piece of paper then we drew the other half of the face.
Taylor and Reyana would like to show you their pictures try to find out who it is.
We put waht we wonder and hope will happen this year. We have started to share our ideas of what we want to have in our class and have started drawing up plans.
By Reyana and Taylor & Mrs MB

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