Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Wow!!! What a fantastic finale to all those weeks of singing practice!  Our children really shone at the Kids for Kids Concert on Wednesday night with Suzanne Prentice.  

Our Star Writer this week Josiah T has written an account of the evening through his eyes...

Kids for Kids Concert by Josiah T

On Wednesday the 9th of May we had to sing and it was fun.  There was 2000 people there and it was scary.

It was close to the Octagon at the Regent Theatre.  It was a singing concert.  The concert was called Kids for Kids.  The singer was called Suzanne.  

First we went in a room and then we went on stage.  The curtain was down.  It went up.  We started singing the songs.  We had a break.  The parents were watching a movie about sick kids.  After the break we sang some more songs.  Mya was our soloist.  

At the end everyone clapped.  It was hot but it was over and it was fun. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Room 5's Awesome Artists! By Callum Hill

In Room 5 this last week, Miss Harley our Student Teacher has taught us how to sketch apples.  

First we drew a whole apple then we copied the inside of an apple.  We had to learn about highlighting, cross-hatching, back-shading, shading objects, shadow and contour lines. 

We started by making a circle but we had to go round fast three times.  Then we drew lines on each side like a cup to get the 'v' shape of the apple.  Next, we did the bumps on the bottom and the top.  

If our apple had a stalk we could draw it.  We did highlights and shadows next.  Finally we shaded and cross-hatched using different parts of our sketching pencils and charcoal.

Here are some examples of our work...

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