Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fundraiser Update

Hi All,
So far Room 5's amazing original art has raised $159.50.  Thanks so much for all those who have bid :-)  We still have 7 more paintings to put up for auction ....once Mrs MBs Trade Me account is topped up!  Tomorrow we will be listing Bethany, Grason, Salani and Cameron's wonderful pieces.
Also a reminder tomorrow (Friday) is Gold Star PJ,Popcorn, Wheels and Games Day! If you are a Gold Star (everyone this week!! yay!)   wear your PJ's bring a game from home, wheels and a helmet if you want to have a spin on the court 
and Mrs MB will provide the popcorn.  Here are some photos from our last Gold Star PJ Day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gold Star Celebration Treat & Christchurch Art Fundraiser...

For the Gold Star treat we graphed what we wanted  to do for gold stars and the favourite is pj and popcorn day (and wheels if you have some and are really keen) . So if you're a gold star be sure to wear your pjs 2 moro (Tues 14 /3) Mrs M B will bring the popcorn.  If you bring your wheels remember to bring your helmet as well.
from Bella
Christchurch Earthquake Art Fundraiser
Room 5 has put into action their brilliant idea of raising money for the people of Christchurch by creating original art about the quake and putting it on Trade Me for auction.  All money recieved will be given to an aid agency (Salvation Army or Red Cross)  to help where we can.
Today the following childrens art has been put up on Trade Me 
Natasha - Bricks Bouncing Like Madness    Start price $5.50

Jayden - A Terrified Day   Start price $ 2.00

Reyana -  Shattering Earth  Start price $8.00

Lynley - The Angry Earth Start price $ 8.00

Friday, March 4, 2011

We have the POWER!

We have the POWER to make a difference!  We have the power ...
  • to learn
  • to choose our own pathways
  • to make our own decisions
  • to help others 


We have been brainstorming ways we can help the people of Canterbury.  Last Friday our whole school dressed in red and black and brought lots of items that we hope will be useful.  This week we have been busy putting into action one of the ideas we brainstormed as a class to do some earthquake pictures to auction to raise money.  We are thinking we might put some of them on Trade Me to see how much money we can raise.  Here are some of our response art to the earthquake...



Keep an eye out for more art.  Next week we will be creating abstract art based on colours / moods - smooth and calm verses chaotic and rough.

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