Monday, May 23, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Room 5 Poets...

We are learning to use the different forms and techniques that poets use to write poetry.
In our first attempt this week, we have been learning about  nouns (naming words) and verbs (doing /action words) and creating our own poems about sports and places we love.  You can read these on our Super Author Page - if you would like to leave a comment about any of our poems, please navigate back to this post and click on 'comment'.   We have also started to create poetry using the 'Diamante' form where we have to know about adjectives (describing words) also.  We are all very proud of our poems! 
Mrs MB has added a poetry site link to explore other forms of poetry for the children who really are enjoying being poets and would like to find out more.  Please have a look and bring any poems you write at home to school to share with others.
We love reading your comments and are trying to encourage a comment from every family this week!
Room 5 are also launching into a new action project this term ...we (the children of Room 5) have set a goal of fundraising to buy some net books (little laptops) for our classroom .  We've had lots of ideas of what to do to raise the money and the one we've decided on doing this term is a Room 5 'mini fair'.  Each focus group is going to take charge of putting together a stall.  More info soon ....

Signing off R5 and Mrs MB

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In A Book

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to a term full of engaging and exciting learning.  We have ripped into the term with a big focus on knowing our 'learning intentions' or W.A.L.Ts (We are Learning to...) and 'success criteria' - how we will know we have achieved - or what this will look like. 
The children ar
e all making tremendous progress in their knowledge and recall of basic facts and are enjoying moving onto new sets once they have met the success criteria of 'getting them all right'  and 'answering quickly' - as fast as light'ning!
On our links for learning in the side bar you will find a new site we have started to explore that is based on the important skills and strategies we need to 'understand' what we are reading.                                                            The 
site includes examples and 'online' reading to put these skills to practise. 

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