Monday, December 6, 2010

Otakou Marae Visit

Room 5 & 6 are off to the Otakou Marae on Thursday December 9.  We were interested to  find out 'how is a marae is built?' 'What do the different carvings mean?' 'How do you do carvings?' and 'what happens on a marae?'  Some of us also wanted to find out how to do weaving with flax.

When you go to a marae you need to be welcomed on - this ceremony is called a powhiri.  We have been finding out about the different parts of a powhiri and what order you need to do them in.  We have found out there are rules 'protocol' to follow when you go to a marae.

As part of the powhiri we are the manuhiri -the visitors.  We have been practising waiata - songs that can be sung to support our speaker when he makes his whaikorero.

Two waiata we will be singing on Thursday...

Te Aroha  - the love
Te Whakapono - the faith
Te rangimarie - the peace
tatou tatou e - be with us all

E toru nga mea
Nga mea nu nui
E ki ana
Te paipera
Ko te mea nui
Ko te aroha

There are three things
 very important things
as stated in the bible
Hope, faith, and the greatest thing - charity / love

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the art gallery trip

Today room 5 went to the art gallery. At the art gallery we learned how to draw shells using dark and light Indian Ink and also black and white crayons. We had to look carefully at where the light and dark bits were on the shells. It was so quiet when everyone was concentrating on their drawing. We also looked at the beautiful art works that are up in the gallery. IT WAS AWESOME!

thank to Julie,Kilie,Stella,Katelyn Nana and Mrs Mitchell Bain
More photos on their way!

From Room 5

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Minutes More Playtime Please...

Jacob sent Mrs Mitchell Bain a video because he wanted to have a longer playtime. We thought that 15 minutes isn't much time to eat and play. So we made a plan with Mrs Mitchell Bain to ring up some other Dunedin schools to ask them how much time they have for morning tea and lunch. We had to think of the good bits of having a longer play and the not so good bits so we could write an e-mail, letter, video and thinking hats to Ms Dillon and share with her what we found out to try and convince her that it is a good idea. We rang 14 different schools and most of them have 20 minutes for morning tea.
Ms Dillon sent us a letter and said that we can have 5 mintes more of play time. But we have to have a monitor for each class room so we can time how long it takes us to come back to class to make sure we have 20 mintues and not 25 minutes.

5 mintes more playtime

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Bat Cave!

In room5  some people made a cave with bats on the front  some people in our class came up with the idea.  We have changed our class a lot in the last week.  We made plans of how we want our room laid out.  Someone came up with the cave.  
The rules we made up are:
1) Levels 2, 3's and 4's allowed (level 0 & 1 aren't responsible enough)
2) No sillyness
3) Nor ripping stuff
4) Board Games are allowed
5) Drawing is allowed
6) You need to pack up after yourself
7) Please whisper

Our class was excited that the cave was opening. We had a special ceremony.   I asked some people what they thought...
Sarah says "The cave is cool because it is dark."
Shyan says " The bats are cool on the cave."
Katelyn says "The cave entry is cool and crackly."
Mya says "The cave is awesome.  It is so dark that's why it is cool."
Natasha says "The cave has lots of space, the cave is a nice place to hang."
Bethany says "The cave is a nice place."

I think the cave rocks!  

by Bella

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Piet Mondrian

Check out our Piet Mondrian inspired artworks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MY hut

My Hut

my hut is a place i like. I pretend I have some pet
worms that go on a hike.

my hut is a secret place and I love the worms I chase.

down the path with a glass that water will never get spilt down on the grass.
By. Abbie Fern

Friday, June 4, 2010


here is our construction group making a bird house in our construction group there are Jonathan,Connor,Jaidyn,martin,Katelyn,Riley and Bethany we were sheering with each other and working as a team


This is Abbie F and Natasha iti work. Good work Abbie F and Natasha iti


This is Jaidyn and Jonathan we were doing contraction. We were building a go kart. Jaidyn was doing the drilling in some sqrill then we were going to add some more on to. But we had to pack up. by Jaidyn

Monday, May 24, 2010

room5's dance crew

On Friday Taylor, Mya, Sarah, Bethany, Lynley, Katelyn, Krystal and i did a dance to the whole school and parents. We used Taylor's Justin Bieber CD. We where scared when we did it but it was fun. This is a picture of Justin Bieber.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Back to Room 5, Term 2.

Hello parents and caregivers.

Thanks to those parents who are following the blog, it is great to see!

Things that are happening this term...
  • Mini-ball starts this term, please return the form asap
  • Netball has started, the students are practicing hard already
  • Discovery begins week three - if you can provide any assistance with this it would be appreciated. Assistance? Supervising the discovery of learning, providing help with cooking, engine assembly, and the dismantling of stuff - things like that. Interested? email me:
  • Have a spare half-hour up your sleeve? I am keen on parent help with writing and reading this term, come and chat about how you could assist
  • Room 5 assembly this Friday
  • Inquiry focus - Kia Kaha, a bullying unit following on from "The Power of One" show last term.
  • Empathy is our value this term - talk about it at home. What does it mean to have empathy in your house?
Greg MacLeod signing off. Term two looks like it is going to be a cracker. Remember, don't be a stranger, look at our post, better still drop in for a visit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diving Board

This is Kian jumping off the diving board, the 3 meter. He was pretending to be a bird that can't fly. All of the people jump off, even Mr MacLeod. He jumped off so Reyana would, but she ended not jumping off. But, the next day she did it! WE ALL HAD FUN.

By Jaidyn.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi there.

If anyone has an old computer at home (preferably running windows xp) then I would love it for our classroom. Also, if you could ask around any business you know that are upgrading their computer fleet, see if they would like to give their old fleet away to a young and eager class!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On Friday the 19th of March we made scones we made four batches of scones. We all had a scone. Some of them were good. We needed heaps of stuff. We used flour. We left it in for ten to twenty minutes. We needed a jar of jam and cream. We had the scones for lunch. It was hot, so we went under the shade and after we hade finished we went to play. The scones were so, so good. Some of the gilrs stayed and cleaned and did a good job. Jaidyn, Jonathan, Connor and Nathaniel. Jaidyn turned on the oven. Connor thought they were good. Nathaniel loved the scones. Room 5 loves scones. We likes making scones. 20 pepole liked it. every one was happy.



On Friday the 19th of march we made scones we made four batches of scones. We all had one scone. The scones were in the oven for ten to twenty minutes. When it was finished, we put some jam and cream on the top.
We ate the scones at lunch time. The scones were so so so good. When we were finished some of us were cleaning room one. Taylor,Bethany,Sarah,Krystal.
Taylor likes the scones because they are good.
Krystal,Bethany and Sarah like the scones because they are good.
Room five LOVES scones.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just to clear up any confusion.

Please send your child along to school with their togs and towel daily. Monday is anniversary day, but we have swimming, Tues, Wed, Thur, and Fri. The following week we have it Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs - Friday, of course, is Good Friday.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Language signs

We had a look at some signs.
Ying/yang, Peace, recycle bin,
No smoking, The crossing, koru,
wet road, train track and a female toilet.

How to Make Rocks and Fossils

This photo describes how to make rocks or fossils. We used woodchips, sand and soil layers to make pretend layers of earth. Fossils can be found in these layers. For more information of rocks and fossils go here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tena koutou. We had a wonderful trip to the museum and art gallery yesterday. Check out our awesome pictures of dinosaurs here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ha ha!

Well, such a wonderful year to date! Tomorrow, we are off to the art gallery and Otago Museum to tickle the artist and inquirer within.

The children have been working hard at making their picture books, ready to read to their buddies in room 3.

Also, they have loved watching "Walking with the Dinosaurs", one student even inquired, "how did they film the dinosaurs?".

Keep looking, as we will have some photos ready to view shortly.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to our brand new Blog!

Hello and welcome to Soak it Up. Throughout the weeks, please check this Blog to see what your child has been up to at school. Track their learning and enjoy all the wonderful discoveries they are about to make.

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